American Studies 2001: Introduction to American Studies

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Unit III: The Bomb

Key Concepts: Nation, Violence, American Exceptionalism, transnationalism 

Monday, September 27

Topic: Writing the Unimaginable I: John Hersey, Hiroshima, and New Journalism

Assignment: John Hersey’s Hiroshima (1946). Read chapters 1-3.

Wednesday, September 29

Topic: Writing the Unimaginable II:  The Writing of Japanese Survivors

Assignment: Tamaki Hara, Summer Flowers (1947)


Monday, October 2 - No Class, Fall Break


Wednesday, October 4 - Thinking Ahead to Final Projects

Please refer to the Foodways section for reading assignments.


Monday, October 9

Topic: Learning to Live with the Bomb I: Mushroom Clouds

Assignment: bomb photographs; Peter Hales, “The Atomic Sublime,American Studies (1991) 

Wednesday, October 11

Topic: Learning to Live with the Bomb II: Country Music and Civil Defense Drills

Assignment: Listen to The Louvin Brothers "The Great Atomic Power" and The Buchanan Brothers "Atomic Power"; documentary film: Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty, and Pierce Rafferty, Atomic Café (1982)